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At El Kilombo, we're at the forefront of the entertainment evolution, having forged partnerships with industry-leading brands. We are steadfast in our belief that crypto gaming is not just a trend, but the future of entertainment. This belief is rooted in the dynamic merger of blockchain technology and gaming, a fusion that has given rise to the thrilling new realm of Crypto Gaming. Positioned at the nexus of two rapidly expanding sectors, crypto gaming uniquely blends the worlds of entertainment and finance, heralding a new era in the digital landscape.

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+150 Top Crypto KOLs Network

At El Kilombo, we connect our partners with the most prominent KOLs in the crypto world. Our network encompasses over 150 of the most respected opinion leaders in the industry. We collaborate closely with our partners to drive the success of their projects, leveraging our influence and connections in the crypto market.

How We Help

At El Kilombo, we support gaming companies by leveraging our social media platform with over 4.7 million followers to effectively market their brands and tokens. Our experience with renowned clients across various industries, coupled with our insights into the growing interest in crypto gaming among our predominantly millennial audience, enables us to offer tailored marketing solutions. We aim to connect our clients with an engaged audience, fostering growth in the evolving landscape of crypto gaming.

Kilombo Gaming Guild

Kilombo Gaming is a play-to-earn crypto gaming organization, comprising investors, over 600 players, streamers, and managers who act as intermediaries in facilitating the purchase of in-game items such as lands and game assets in the form of NFTs. These assets are then lent to hundreds of players to use in gameplay, generating returns from the use of these game assets in their respective virtual worlds


Meet the Crew

The people behind the magic.

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Gabriel Gagliardoni

Co-founder | CEO El Kilombo & Kilombo Ventures


Barks when the team is on a call

Edgar Anzola

Co-founder | Head of Content & Director El Kilombo News

Javier Rios

Co-founder | Director Clients Services & Partenrships

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juli le-min.png
chanfli le-min.png
cori le-min.png

Alessandro Talamo

Crypto Partnerships Heroe

Giuliana Villarroel

The Mastermind behind the content

Santiago Vazquez

aka “il Capitano” | Director El Kilombo Travel & El Kilombo Food

Corina Kochen

Head of Content Kilombo Cripto & Director of Crypto Partnerships

Dozens of people working remotely around the world.

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Do the right thing.

Our Core Values

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