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We help create transformative brands that people love and move the world forward.

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 Branding & 


We create new brands and update existing ones that lack storytelling and visual consistency to make the impact they want. Brands that not only accelerate their customer acquisition but are also sources of motivation for the teams that carry them out. We consider all aspects of the brand - including values, style, target audience, communication tone, DNA and functionality - to shape your products or services.  We also develop more specific jobs such as logos, corporate images and print + digital applications. 

 Advertising and 

Communication 360 

Digital-print communication, graphic campaigns and 360º advertising: Our team not only develops the visual communication but also has the most influential Instagram entertainment channel in Argentina to expose your brand. El Kilombo has a total audience of almost 4 million people among all social digital platforms and is followed by more than 30% of the country's millennials, in addition to hundreds of celebrities like Lionel Messi, J Balvin and many more. Some of the brands we had the pleasure of working with McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Uber, Adidas, Disney, among others.

 UX/UI Web & 


UX/UI design services to help you transform complex problems into easy decisions. Empowered users become satisfied customers, and satisfied customers turn businesses into success stories. The easier the user's journey, the easier it is to achieve your business goals. That's why it's critical to talk, listen and design for your users. El Kilombo brings clarity and ease of use to your product through agile teamwork and an intense focus on efficiency while keeping the personality of your brand intact.

 Illustration & 


We design characters, backgrounds and typographies for animated videos in 2D and 3D technique; videos that allow to tell a story in a different format, where the plot is developed through the animation of characters, scenarios and dynamic texts. A creative audiovisual format that will allow you to stand out from the competition and get the attention of more people. In addition, we make videos and illustrations to explain and promote.


We apply strategy and design thinking to create and revitalize product packs, in order to achieve a professional, creative and functional packaging design that connects with your target audience. If you want a totally original design, we can create a unique and personalized creative solution. When developing the packaging, we take a 360º position: We study and think from the artistic point of view to the most commercial one, taking into account all our clients' needs so that everything is represented in the final piece.


 Content Generation 

We offer audiovisual production and post-production services, always adapting to the needs of our clients. In the audiovisual projects that we carry out we take care of the ideation as well as the production and organization of the shooting, as well as the recording and edition of the content. We also make video capsules, design 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and VFX content. 

 Memes & Interactive 


"Those who rule the memes rule the world" - Elon Musk

Memes are probably the most used and effective communication format on the Internet. Humor, politics, sports and even knowledge find a way to express themselves in memes. Today more and more companies like Airbnb and Netflix are appealing to the use of memes to generate more effective content marketing that allows them to increase the interaction on their fan pages with their followers. At El Kilombo, if there is something we are experts in, it is memes: since 2015 we are the most influential meme channel of Instagram Argentina and brands such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Disney, AXE, Unilever, Rappi, Directv, PedidosYa, FOX, Warner, among many others, trust us when they need "meme" talent.

 Web & App 


Software Factory & IT Staffing. We offer design and application development services for each stage of your mobile project. Our mobile application development services are customer centric to create a complete and customized solution. We develop websites, iOS / Android mobile applications and we also develop online stores. We help you to transfer your idea to the digital world by developing custom systems with teams specialized in each technology. If you have a company and need to grow your team, you want the best IT talent and you want the people who know more about development, do not hesitate to consult us.

Creative Agency

Specialized in Branding, Design & UX/UI

After working in recent years with many of the most important brands in Argentina and the world, we decided to offer all our tools and knowledge acquired to help companies, startups and entrepreneurs to grow faster, enhance their brands and generate impact.

Our Work

Some of the work done by our team

We are a Creative Agency based in Buenos Aires, formed by a remote team distributed around the world.

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